Whiskey Myers Drops Third Single, “Whole World Gone Crazy”, From Forthcoming Album, ‘Tornillo’

Whiskey Myers country music
Khris Poage

Whiskey Myers dropped another banger today.

“Whole World Gone Crazy” is the third track we’ve heard from their highly-anticipated forthcoming sixth studio album, Tornillo, that’s set for release this summer on July 29th.

It’s easily at the top of my most anticipated albums of 2022 list.

The new tune features guitarist John Jeffers on the lead vocals, as he wrote it by himself at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

He told American Songwriter it came from a place of uncertainty when no one really knew exactly what was unfolding with the virus.

He noticed that most average Americans were just trying to keep a handle on their life and get through each day during this wild time, prompting him to wonder if it was really just him that thought the whole world was going crazy:

“I wrote ‘Whole World Gone Crazy’ back in April of 2020. There was so much hysteria going on in the world before and around that time that this song just sort of came out of me.

Between COVID and everything else, everyone seemed to be going a little nuts. I felt like during all of that, most people were and still are, just normal people trying to make it another day.

Trying to keep their job, praying to the big guy upstairs, and working on getting through some crazy times.”

Featuring that supercharged southern rock sound that we all love from Whiskey Myers, with each new song they put out from Tornillo, I wonder how much longer I can wait to hear the record in its entirety:

Their Tornillo tour just kicked off next month, which includes a stop at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater that they sold out within a single day last month… and if Whiskey Myers is coming anywhere near you this summer, you don’t wanna miss it.

They previously released two other tracks so far in addition to the one today, including “John Wayne” and “Antioch”.

Tornillo Tracklist:

1. Tornillo
2. John Wayne (Cody Cannon, Jamey Gleaves, Tony Kent)
3. Antioch (Cody Cannon)
4. Feet’s (Cody Cannon)
5. Whole World Gone Crazy (John Jeffers)
6. For The Kids (Cody Cannon)
7. The Wolf (Cody Cannon)
8. Mission To Mars (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere)
9. Bad Medicine (Cody Cannon)
10. Heavy On Me (John Jeffers)
11. Other Side (Cody Cannon)
12. Heart Of Stone (Cody Cannon)

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