Kyle Busch “Backs Into A Win” In The Bristol Dirt Race After Chase Briscoe Wipes Out Leader Tyler Reddick In The Final Turn

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So, I wonder how Kyle Busch feels about “backing into a fucking win” now.

The outspoken Busch managed to steal a win in the Bristol dirt race after second-place Chase Briscoe ran down leader Tyler Reddick in the final turn. Briscoe sent it a little too hard and slid up into Reddick, sending both cars spinning and opening the door for third place Busch to slide by them both for the checkered flag.

Busch led a grand total of one lap during the entire race.

The 60th career victory for Busch comes just a few weeks after he took a shot at Alex Bowman after Bowman beat out Busch for the win at Las Vegas:

“The same fucking guy who backs into every fucking win that he ever fucking gets backs into another fucking win. Bullshit!”

(Alex responded by hilariously trolling Kyle with “All Luck” t-shirts on his website, and donating 18% of the profits to charity in honor of Kyle’s #18 car).

Looks like Kyle’s singing a different tune about backing into wins this week…

And who knows, he might have changed his tune on dirt track racing in NASCAR too. Last week, Kyle said that it was time for NASCAR to cut the cord on dirt races:

“Cut the cord… as Richard Petty said, ‘dirt takes our sport backwards.’

It’s a mess… our cars, our tracks, it’s just not indicative of putting on a good dirt show. I’ve seen good dirt shows.”

And in fairness to Kyle, the race was kind of a shitshow.

Sure, it was entertaining.

But between NASCAR having to throw a caution because the track was too sloppy and mud was caking up on the front of the cars and causing them to overheat, the lack of live pit stops almost causing the winner to be determined by scoring rules rather than position on the track, and drivers complaining about everything from the windshields to the color of the track walls, it seems like NASCAR’s still got a lot to figure out when it comes to putting on a good show on dirt.

Kevin Harvick also had some strong words for NASCAR’s attempt at dirt racing:

“We did a terrible job prepping the track full of mud, there was nobody here pack the track so we all look like a bunch bozos coming in to pit, because we don’t know how to prep the track.

I had a great car, the track was fine, they just did a terrible job to start with… they’ve done this before, but obviously it doesn’t look like it.”

There’s no word yet on the Bristol dirt race will be returning in 2023.

But Kyle Busch may actually be hoping that it comes back after managing to steal a win this time around. (Who am I kidding, of course Kyle is still going to complain).

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