Alex Bowman Trolls Kyle Busch After Comments At Vegas By Releasing “All Luck” T-Shirts, Donating 18% To Charity

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Seems like Alex Bowman is perfectly happy “backing into” wins.

The driver of the #48 Hendrick Chevy won this past weekend’s NASCAR race at Las Vegas thanks in part to a late race caution that flew while Kyle Busch was in the lead with three laps to go.

During pit stops under caution, Bowman and his Hendrick teammates Kyle Larson and William Byron decided to only change two tires, while Busch and the rest of the field opted for four new tires. This gave the Hendrick cars the lead once the race went back to green, and Bowman managed to hold off his teammate Larson to take the checkered flag.

And Kyle Busch, who ultimately finished 4th, wasn’t happy.

On his radio after the race, Busch had some heated comments about Bowman (who really didn’t do anything wrong):

“The same fucking guy who backs into every fucking win that he ever fucking gets backs into another fucking win. Bullshit!”

Now on the one hand, I at least see where Kyle’s coming from. Bowman’s not a guy who usually dominates the races that he wins. Instead he’s a guy who runs consistently near the front, and is there to capitalize when the opportunity presents itself.

But that’s not really luck or “backing into a win,” because he has to be running in a position to compete for the win in the first place.

Either way, Bowman had a good sense of humor after Kyle’s comments. (I mean why wouldn’t he? A win’s a win), joking that maybe they should put Kyle’s comments on a t-shirt.

The idea was obviously referring to the t-shirts that Alex and his team released after last year’s Martinsville race, when Denny Hamlin called Bowman a “hack” after the two had a late-race run-in.

Well it looks like Bowman decided to do the same thing with Kyle’s comments.

Now obviously he had to censor Kyle’s comments a little bit since NASCAR’s a family friendly sport, but Bowman unveiled the shirt featuring the famous Las Vegas sign advertising “All Luck, No Skill” Alex Bowman, and “Backing Into Wins” on the back of the shirt.

And Bowman’s taking his trolling of the driver of the #18 car a little further, saying that he’ll donate 18% of the profits from the shirt to local animal shelters, a cause Bowman has long supported.

Gotta admit, as someone who can’t really stand Kyle Busch’s constant whining, I love the trolling from Bowman.

There’s no word yet from Kyle on what he thinks of the shirts, but Denny Hamlin didn’t seem too amused last year when his comments were turned into a marketing effort:

But hey, at least it’s for a good cause.

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