Kevin Harvick After Wrecking Out Of Bristol Dirt Race: “We Look Like A Bunch Of Bozos”

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Look, NASCAR drivers have been complaining all week about the track condition and car setup for the Cup Series Food City Dirt Race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

And yeah, it’s a different look, something exciting for the fans, but there seems to be just too many issues to hammer out before NASCAR is really ready to put on a good dirt race.

We heard Kyle Larson and Joey Logano complain about the windshield, we heard Ryan Blaney say the black wall was a problem, Kyle Busch said we should just do away with it all together… it’s been rough.

And now that we’re here, we saw the top two drivers from a couple weeks ago at Richmond, Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick, leave the race early.

Needless to say, Kevin wasn’t happy:

“We did a terrible job prepping the track full of mud, there was nobody here pack the track so we all look like a bunch bozos coming in to pit, because we don’t know how to prep the track.

I had a great car, the track was fine, they just did a terrible job to start with… they’ve done this before, but obviously it doesn’t look like it.”

He was also frustrated with not getting the free pass when teammate Aric Almirola pitted on the green flag:

“And then we don’t get the lucky dog for whatever reason with two cars on pit road, and then we got run over. I don’t know who ran us over at the end.”

He went on to say that if it was up to him, they wouldn’t even be racing this race.

“Might be, but if I had my choice we wouldn’t be doing this anyway…”

We’ll see… might be looking at the last dirt race at Bristol for the foreseeable future…

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