Kid Rock Opens New Tour With A Video Message From President Trump: “Let’s Make America Rock Again”

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Kid Rock has officially hit the road.

His Bad Reputation Tour kicked off this week in Evansville, Indiana. And he had a little surprise appearance up his sleeve in the form of a video message from his friend and golf partner, former President Donald Trump.

Before launching into his anti-Biden anthem “We the People,” ol’ Bob played the video message from the Donald – who donned a “Make America Rock Again” hat:

“Hello everyone. I love you all. I know you’re having a great time at the Kid Rock concert tonight. Quite frankly, he’s amazing.

All of you in attendance are the true backbone of our great country. Hardworking, God-fearing, rock and roll patriots. 

Bob is truly one of the greatest entertainers of our time. Not the best golfer by any means, his golf came could use a little work, but a great, great entertainer, and that’s why you’re there.

Let’s all continue to love one another, fight for our God-given freedoms, and most of all, let’s make America rock again!

Have a wonderful time tonight. God bless you, and God bless America.”

“We the People” is, of course, Kid Rock’s rap-rock commentary on everything going on right now, which in addition to taking shots at the current president, also takes aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci, CNN, Facebook, Twitter, and so on and so on, all to the chorus of “Lets Go Brandon,” the commonly understood euphemism for “F*ck Joe Biden.”

It’s not really a surprise that the former president would make an appearance at Kid Rock’s concerts, as the two seemed to have formed quite the friendship.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Mr. Rock talked about Trump asking him for advice on how to handle North Korea while the two were on the golf course. And of course Kid Rock also headlined a Trump rally in his home state of Michigan during the 2020 campaign.

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