Kid Rock Will Headline Trump Rally In Michigan, Twitter Erupts

Kid Rock et al. posing for a picture

Any time you see “Kid Rock” trending on Twitter you have to stop and buckle up.

Did he get liquored up and go off on Oprah again? Or was it Taylor Swift?

Did he marry Loretta Lynn?

Did someone else famous like Morgan Wallen get arrested at his bar?

Nope – none of the above, shockingly.

This morning, Kid Rock is trending for something that shouldn’t be all too surprising – he’s headlining a Trump rally held by Donald Trump Jr. in Macomb County, MI.

Bob has made his political views pretty obvious for about…forever.

This is from February:

The news this morning resulted in an endless barrage of tweets like this, bashing both Trump and Kid Rock:


Another post from Kid Rock last March:

This has to be the least surprising celebrity rally appearance right? I just assumed this already happened at some point recently, but Bob (Mr. Rock’s real name) was apparently saving the appearance for the home state.

Maybe Kid can get obscenely intoxicated before he takes the mic, giving everyone on both sides of the political spectrum something to laugh and cringe at? I wouldn’t bet against it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock