Koe Wetzel Gives Us A Taste Of His “Full-Blown Country Record” With Cover Of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

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This is the cover I didn’t know I needed.

At a stop at Chilifest in Somerville, Texas over the weekend, Koe Wetzel took the stage as a headliner on Saturday and treated the crowd to a little bit of John Denver’s iconic hit “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

Knowing that Koe’s gearing up to drop an album soon with plans to get to work on his full-blown country album soon after makes me think there’s a lot more where this is coming from:

It’s a pretty short clip, but it’s a taste of what’s to come when he goes full country, and I can’t wait to hear both albums.

And speaking of new music from Koe, he also shared a teaser of the studio version of “April Showers” on TikTok over the weekend, which means we should be seeing an official release for that here soon.

This one already sounds like a jam:

Koe Wetzel Is In The Studio With… Diplo?

It looks like Koe Wetzel is cookin’ up something in the studio with Diplo.

Koe’s currently out on the road for a massive North American headlining tour, but he has a new album in the works set to drop sometime this year, too.

We still don’t have an official release date for said record, but we do know that he’s been working hard on getting it finished, and knowing Koe, he liable much drop it without any notice.

We also know that he plans to stick with his signature, more rock leaning sound that we all know and love for this one before he gets to work on that full-blown country album he plans to start soon, as well. Yes, there’s a big chance we could get two new records from him in the next year or so.

And a few day ago, Diplo, a well-known DJ and producer, posted a photo he took straight from Texas of Koe in the studio on his Instagram stories with just a simple “fire” emoji:

A group of people sitting at a table with a laptop and a red balloon

Diplo, who’s real name is Thomas Wesley, released his first “country” collaboration in 2019 with “Heartless”, which featured Morgan Wallen. He also released an album in 2020, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley, Chapter 1: Snake Oil, which featured other country artists like Thomas Rhett, Orville Peck and Zac Brown.

And since Koe’s been recording at the famous Sonic Ranch in El Paso, it got me wondering what exactly Diplo’s photo means.

Could he be producing a song? Will he be featured on one of the tunes on the tracklist? Was he just there hangin’ out? Just fucking around? Who knows…

It’s hard to say exactly at this point, but Koe retweeted my tweet about the potential collab, which makes it seem likely that you’ll see Diplo’s name somewhere in the credits of this record:

Of course, a lot of people loved the idea and quite a few people hated it (what’s new). And while they’re kind of an unlikely pair, no matter what this collab ends up being, I’m excited to hear they’ve come up with…

Because as soon as we get to hear this record, that full-on country record is up next.

Check out Koe’s most recent single, “Drunk Driving,” and get excited about all the new music coming soon:

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