Koe Wetzel Says First Of Two New Albums Is Coming Soon: “Somethin’ To Chew On Before The Full Country Record”

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PLEASE drop that next album tomorrow, Koe.

Okay, that’s not exactly realistic, but Koe Wetzel has never been one to do anything the mainstream way when it comes to his career… especially in terms of how you’re “supposed” to release an album.

I mean, most artists these days put out an album release date months in advance, spend weeks promoting five different songs beforehand, and then by the time the album actually drops, we’ve already heard half of it and it’s so much less exciting to finally hear the full tracklist in its entirety.

But with Koe, that’s never something we have to worry about. His fan-favorite record, Harold Saul High, was released as a complete surprise to fans a few years ago, with little hype leading up to it because no one knew a thing about it.

It’s still my favorite Koe album to date, and that’s probably due in part to the listening experience that comes along with hearing an album for the first time as a whole package… the way they’re meant to be heard.

And we do know Koe’s been recording something out at the Sonic Ranch, but in terms of official new music and other specific details, he’s been pretty quiet… until now.

He stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! last week to give an album update, and though he wouldn’t give an official date or time frame, in typical Koe fashion, he said it could be any day now:

“You know me… I might drop it tomorrow, who knows.”

Oh, and guess what?

He confirmed that a “full-blown country album” IS still coming, and it’s next up on his list as soon as they finish the one they’re currently working on:

“So, we’re gonna cut this record, and as soon as we’re done with it, we’re gonna start working on the country record.”

Say LESS, Koe. I think this may be the most exciting thing I’ve heard this year…

He had previously said the country album was something he wanted to do before he turns 30, which is in July, but knowing that he already has two new albums planned out is all I really needed to hear.

Koe elaborated on the sound of the first album, saying it will be along the lines of the alternative sound we know and love already before he dives headfirst into country:

“We’re throwing out all the stops on this record. It’s more alternative, southern rock, heavier rock than what we’re used to. But I wanted this record to be that before I started making my country music.

This record does have some country sounding songs, but overall it’s more of an alternative record.

I just wanted to go in and kinda give everybody somethin’ to chew on before they got the full country record.”

Could we possibly get TWO new albums from Koe this year? Who knows… but I don’t put anything past him.

The final song on the tracklist is a taste of that forthcoming country record, which means he already has an idea of what it’s going to be:

“The very last song on the record, you’ll get a teaser of the country record… It’s only like half a song, but you’ll get the teaser.”

Y’all best go ahead and buckle up… these next couple albums are gonna be EPIC.

To say I’m excited would be a massive understatement, and it’s hard to imagine 2022 being even bigger for him than 2021, but it sounds like that might just be the case.

If you’ve never seen him in concert before, he puts on an incredible live show, and you need to get your ass to one of the stops on his upcoming North American tour ASAP.

And while you’re here, check out his most recent video for “Drunk Driving”:

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