Nobody Panic, But It Appears As Though Koe Wetzel Is Back In The Studio

Koe Wetzel country music
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Could it be?

Ever since Koe Wetzel dropped his Sellout album back in 2020, the man has stayed relatively quiet…

Well, not exactly…

He’s been touring like mf’er, and spent a ton of time out in the woods bagging some massive bucks along the way, but as far as new music goes… we haven’t heard too much about his plans.

That being said, we knew we had to hear something about some new music here soon.

He dropped a cryptic, or maybe not so cryptic, tweet today, saying:

“Hunting season is done and over with, I’m bored. Let’s make a new record.”

And according to his Instagram story, he landed in El Paso where it appears he’ll be recording his next album:

“Time to make a fucking record, what’s good El Paso.”

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Of course, the iconic Sonic Ranch is located in Tornillo, Texas, just outside of El Paso. The same studio where Cody Jinks, Whitey Morgan, and Midland have recorded albums, as well as bands like Portugal. The Man, Flogging Molly, Taking Back Sunday, Sublime with Rome, Third Eye Blind and more.

However, here’s the thing… he’s said before that when he turns 30, he wants to drop a full blown country album, and with Koe turning 30 this coming July, could this finally be the record?

We know the man doesn’t play by anyone’s rules so anything and everything is on the table, but either way, it looks like Koe’s got some new music in the works… and we have a lot to get excited about.

Who knows, maybe he’ll even drop a Gospel album…

SAD SONGS MAKE ME HAPPY… love to hear it.

Here’s to 2022.

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