Koe Wetzel On Sound Of Next Album: “A Buffet Of Complete Opposite Genres Of Music”

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Jody Domingue

It’s about to be another huge year for Koe Wetzel.

Just this week, he announced a massive headlining North American tour, and also confirmed that he’s in El Paso to record his next project.

Some fans speculated that he could potentially be working on that “country” album he said he wanted to do when he was 30, since his 30th birthday is in July.

But yesterday, he took to Twitter to clear the air, saying this album would not be a full-blown country album or any sort of endeavor along those lines:

“This new record isn’t country music, nor my dive into country music.

It’s a buffet of complete opposite genres of music decided by whatever genre the internet wants to put it in.

Have a blast.”

And he followed it up with this:

“So basically, it’s the same music I’ve been putting out for the last 6 years.”

It stands to reason that the Texas rocker, who’s never held anything back and created a brand for himself that is completely unique, is going to continue to do just that.

Like many Texas rock artists, he tends to get lumped into the “Texas Country” scene, but he’s a much more transcendent artists than that. Country fans love him, rock fans love him, hell even hip hop fans love his music… much like Post Malone, Koe has managed to carve out a sound that is all his own.

Regardless, I can’t wait to hear what he’s cookin’ up out in El Paso… maybe he’ll throw a good old fashioned country heartbreaker in there for us, though:

He did release a boot-stopmin’ honky tonk jam on his most recent record, Sellout, back in 2020:

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