VIDEO: Go Inside The Cars With NASCAR Radioactive: Atlanta Motor Speedway

Needless to say, the NASCAR Cup Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday was a wild one.

With Atlanta making modifications and doing some reprofiling of the track, it brought us one of the best races in the speedway’s history. William Byron took home the hardware, after things got pretty interesting with Bubba Wallace nipping at his heels.

However, Ross Chastain took him side-by-side at the white flag, and Kurt Busch wound up finishing 3rd.

With that being said, NASCAR has brought us a behind the scenes look at the race, with “Radioactive: Atlanta.”

We saw happiness, sadness, intensity, and frustration, all together.

There was a near collision in the pit, when the number one car (Ross Chastain) almost pulled out in front of the 42 car.

You can hear Crew Chief Jeremy Donley say:

“Watch #1, watch the #11, watch it. Watch it. WATCH.” 

You can hear Chastain say:

“Woah, that was close.”

However, some weren’t so lucky, as Aric Almirola in the 10 car practically collided with the 43 car.

Almirola said:

“I never saw him. I was just looking at the #12.”

Kyle Busch got cut off by Austin Dillion, and it was easy to see he wasn’t a happy camper.

He said:

“Un-fucking-believable. I’m sure I’ll get to you and everything will be fucking broken. And we’ll be done for the day.”

Ryan Blaney was making a late push in the race, but was sent into the wall while trying to get past Bubba Wallace.

The dude was irate:

“****, JESUS.”

Bubba Wallace was also struggling following the race, and his crew chief asked him:

“Catch your breath. Tell me you’re okay.”

Check out the full video here:

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