Zach Bryan Teases New Songs From ‘American Heartbreak’, Including Hilarious Auto-Tuned Satire About Nashville

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Zach Bryan isn’t just giving us a taste of his upcoming debut studio album, American Heartbreak… he’s letting us take a whole dang bite out of what’s to come.

Over the weekend, he posted quite a few teasers of four different songs that are likely on the final tracklist for the record.

He’s already released the lead single, “From Austin”, and announced that he has at least two more to drop before album release day on May 20th in “Highway Boys” and “Something in the Orange”.

We already know it’s gonna be something special, and these short clips of the official studio recordings just make me all the more excited to hear the final product in its entirety.

“Open The Gate”

“’68 Fastback”

And this one didn’t have a title on it, but it sounds a little bit faster than a lot of Zach’s pre-studio stuff, which will be fun to hear:

This last one might be the one I’m looking forward to the most, and he actually posted about it on Twitter a couple days ago, telling fans that he wanted to put a satirical song on the album:

Then, he gave us a teaser of said satirical track, where he throws a little shade at Nashville, adding a lot of auto tune to his vocals while saying “he’s never heard a song this good…”

That’s about the funniest thing I’ve heard in a song in a long time, and I already know I’m gonna love it when I get to hear the whole thing:

Zach is recording a lot of the record at Electric Lady studios in New York City, where Taylor Swift recorded a portion of her 2019 album, Lover:

“From Austin”

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