Zach Bryan Announces Debut Studio Album, ‘American Heartbreak,’ Coming This Spring

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Zach Bryan has FINALLY announced his new album, American Heartbreak, and it’s slated to drop May 20th.

After waiting what’s felt like forever to finally get this news, to say fans are ecstatic would be a huge understatement. He’s teased so many good songs, and we’ve all been on the edge of our seats waiting for this day.

He posted the news on Instagram, along with the album cover and some other photos related to the release:

“‘American Heartbreak’ will be available everywhere on May 20th. As my first studio album I’ll say I did everything I possibly could to have written it as well as I knew how.

If you guys want updates on songs being released before the whole album, you can follow the link in my bio and get notified when things start releasing.

This has been real challenging work for me and I’m incredibly excited for you guys to hear it.”

Though he’s already put out two full-length albums independently, DeAnn and Elisabeth, as well as his Quiet, Heavy Dreams EP, American Heartbreak be his first official studio album. I’m under the impression that Dave Cobb will be producing, but no confirmation as of right now.

I would tell you to hop on the bandwagon now, but it’s long gone at this point. Zach’s career trajectory has been absolutely insane over the last several years, and this new record promises to be HUGE…

Buckle up, y’all. This is just the beginning.

And because it never gets old, I’m just gonna leave this right here… pure magic:

And since Zach recommended it himself, just an hour ago, this one’s for free.

Such a jam…

Mumford and Sons, Baaba Maal – “There Will Be Time.”

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