Zach Bryan Announces “Highway Boys,” A New Single From ‘American Heartbreak,’ Is Coming This Month

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Zach Bryan is giving the fans what they want…

A brand new single called “Highway Boys” from American Heartbreak is coming on March 25th.

He announced it on his social media channels this morning, saying that people had been begging for a single in March and that’s what they’re gonna get:

“I don’t care if you like my music or not, I don’t care if my songs are number one.

When I die I’ll get to say I sang about the human experience & never gave a damn if I was successful or whether some tough ass posers liked it or not.

These are my songs ‘Highway Boys’ March 25th.”

Of course, he already announced that he was dropping the fan-favorite “Something in the Orange” on April 22nd, along with a piano version, and he just released the very first song from the tracklist on Friday, “From Austin”.

Unlike those previous two songs he mentioned will appear on the album, we actually haven’t heard a teaser of the full-length version of “Highway Boys,” so it will be fun to hear something totally fresh.

He just posted this short, 30-second clip of it the other day:

His studio era has finally arrived, and if this first song is any indication, it’s going to be more than we could’ve ever asked for:

“From Austin”

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