Wheeler Walker Jr. Asks Fans To Cancel Him Ahead Of New Album Release: “Make Me As Big As Morgan Wallen”

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Looks like Wheeler Walker Jr. is trying to get out ahead of cancel culture.

The Pussy King, the pop-country killin’ machine announced a couple weeks ago that he’s back in the saddle and would be releasing a new album, Sex, Drugs and Country Music, on April 15.

He also dropped the first single from the new project, a tenderhearted love song called “Fucked By A Country Boy.”

But in these politically-correct times that we’re living in, it seems Ol’ Wheeler is already expecting to get cancelled over the upcoming album.

In fact, when he announced his upcoming live show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Wheeler even predicted that he would probably get cancelled: 

“I’m gonna get canceled so fucking fast, I’ll make Morgan Wallen look like fucking Adele. Come on down… let’s get my fucking ass canceled, let’s have a fucking party at the goddamn Ryman, alright.”

Well since it’s seemingly inevitable at this point, apparently Wheeler’s decided to stop fighting it and just let himself get cancelled. In fact, he’s asking fans to go ahead and pre-cancel him.

In a video posted to social media, Wheeler runs through all the words that he uses on his next album that will probably get him cancelled…and it’s quite the laundry list.

And he has a few words for all the “woke-ass pussy bitches” about the upcoming album:

“Ya ain’t gonna like it, I promise you that.”

But to anybody who’s thinking about trying to cancel Wheeler, he’s one step ahead of you, and has even set up a website, cancelwheeler.com, where you can enter your information to “cancel” him.

According to the website:

“In anticipation for the highly offensive material coming on the upcoming album Sex, Drugs and Country Music, sign up now to pre-cancel Wheeler Walker, Jr. Too long has he been standing on his pedestal of fame and now, in today’s society, he deserves to be cancelled.

You may not even know what he is doing, but sign up for a list for updates on why Wheeler Walker, Jr. deserves to be cancelled. It’s time we join together to pre-cancel him for the sin he is about to release to the world. Country Music doesn’t deserve his voice, so now is the time to raise your voice and say Wheeler is too hot for Country Music. Will we see your name on the list to pre-cancel Wheeler? Sign up now!”

Now obviously it’s actually a website to sign up for Wheeler’s mailing list and get updates on the new album. But Wheeler has a good explanation for why he wants to be cancelled: He saw what happened to Morgan Wallen when he was “cancelled” last year.

“Make me as big as Morgan Wallen and Dave Chappelle. Those motherfuckers are slayin’ ass and selling out fuckin’ arenas. I’m next, man.”

Of course it’s not the first time Wheeler’s tried to follow in Morgan Wallen’s footsteps, after he released his own “apology” video in the wake of Morgan’s own apology.

But it seems like Wheeler’s changed his tune on cancel culture since last year when he released a defiant video in response to the (seemingly non-existent) #CancelWheeler movement:

“My thoughts are two words: Fuck you.”

I guess ol’ Wheeler’s finally seen the value in getting cancelled and decided to lean into it this time.

And hey, Morgan’s one of the biggest names in country music right now. So maybe Wheeler’s attempt to go ahead and get cancelled isn’t the worst plan?

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