Wheeler Walker Jr. Eloquently Responds To “#CancelWheeler” Movement: “F*ck You”

Seems like Ol’ Wheeler’s pushing back against cancel culture.

The last time we heard from Wheeler Walker, Jr. he was releasing his own “apology” video, a parody of the apology that Morgan Wallen issued after his racial slur incident.

Well now he’s back with his response to the #CancelWheeler movement.

Now you may be asking, what’s the #CancelWheeler movement?

Hell, if I know.

There doesn’t seem to be any coordinated effort on social media to cancel Wheeler (at least not at the moment, anyway), but he does respond to a “letter” from “Laura” who he claims is “from some lib-tard organization” and is supposedly spearheading the #CancelWheeler movement.

The movement is apparently upset that Wheeler uses “words they don’t like” – words that he then goes on to list in graphic detail.

And according to Wheeler, “Laura’s” demands include changing the lyrics to one of his signature songs, “Drop ‘Em Out” to be more politically correct. And the lyrics that “Laura” is proposing?

“Drop ’em out but it’s your decision
I’d like to see ’em if I have permission
Please sign this consensual relationship agreement form with your lawyer present”

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Other suggestions from “Laura” include changing “Fuck You Bitch” to “That’s Not Nice Strong Woman, I’m Upset” and changing “Pussy King” to “I’m Gonna Cut My Dick Off and Grow Tits.”

Well ol’ Wheeler’s not giving in.

“My thoughts are two words: Fuck you.”

According to Wheeler, he won’t be changing a word of what he’s saying. And he ends with his solution to the #CancelWheeler movement:

“Stream the shit out of good ol’ Wheeler.”

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