Wild Yellowstone Fan Theory Suggests That 1883’s Ennis Is Jimmy’s Great, Great Grandfather

Jefferson white yellowstone

That’s a new one…

Since the beginning of Yellowstone, and now, the new prequel series 1883 as well… fans have been cooking up some wild theories.

Some folks thought Monica was behind the explosions (might explain why they want her gone), some folks still think John might sell the property to the Broken Rock Tribe so it can stay in the family, some think Beth and Rip might have a miracle baby… but this new theory spans generations.

According to Eric Nelsen, the actor the plays late, great Ennis on 1883, one of the new fan theories is that Ennis is Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) from Yellowstone’s great, great grandfather.

How that got started… who knows?

Unfortunately for those who think that… you’re wrong.

Ennis put an end to those rumors in a Newsweek interview:

“Some of the fans have came up with these theories that I’m Jimmy’s great, great grandfather and that’s why they’re pairing us in these commercials, and that it will later come out that we’re actually related in some way.

Maybe that’ll be seen somewhere…but that’s a complete fan made up idea, but it was cool. I like it.”

Of course, he’s referring to the Ram Trucks commercial where Jefferson and Eric come together to talk about their experiences filming their respective shows.

But either way, there’s no relation there folks… sorry to burst your bubble.

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