Yellowstone Season 5: Fans Are Begging For A “Miracle Baby” For Rip & Beth

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It’s official… Yellowstone Season 5 is on the way.

Season 5 has the green light, production will start May, and according to producer David Glasser, the CEO of 101 Studios, Season 5 should premiere this coming fall.

There’s a number of plot lines and character arcs that fans are looking forward to exploring even more after the conclusion of Season 4. 

We have the tumultuous relationship between Beth and Jamie, the rocky relationship between Kayce and Monica (with many hoping he leaves her), of course Beth’s issue with Market Equities CEO Caroline Warner…

But one things fans want to see in Season 5 is…. a miracle baby?

The source of Beth and Jamie’s animosity comes down to the fact that a teenage abortion (that Jamie approved) has left Beth without the ability to have children. And now that she’s married to Rip, the reality that she’s never going to be able to have a child of her own with him is making her even more and more bitter towards Jamie.

So fans are hoping (perhaps quite naively) that’s Beth and Rip will conceive a miracle baby.

On Kevin Costner’s latest Instagram, a number of fans sounded off in the comments about the possibility when asked what they would like to see in Season 5:

“Beth getting miracle baby.”

“Beth to get pregnant and a miracle relating to the birth of the child.”

“Jamie dies and Beth somehow gets pregnant.”

“Beth having a baby.”

“Beth & Rip have a baby through a surrogate.”

“Beth to get pregnant by some miracle.”

“Rip & Beth to have twins.”

Beth & Rip to have a baby!”

“Beth discover she still has a uterus and get pregnant.”

“Rip and Beth to have a baby!”

“Beth & Rip to get married and have a miracle baby.”

Seem like a lot of fans are pulling for miracle baby… but we can’t forget about Carter…

Will Beth & Rip Adopt Carter?

In the Season 4 finale, Carter calls Beth “mama,” and she immediately tears into him over it, a scene that left a lot of fans pretty pissed off at Beth. So much so that Kelly Reilly addressed the complaints herself.

She responded with a deep explanation of Beth’s motive:

“I understand. It was supposed to be brutal and heartbreaking. I don’t usually comment but want to say this… Beth was about to do something that will ruin her life.

She is about to go into prison and kill the man that she thinks attacked her family. She knows there is a chance she will not come back. She can’t tell this kid she is his mother and then leave him abandoned again.”

She continued:

“Beth is honest. It’s tough sometimes, really tough but that’s how she was raised,.. but it’s always truthful. When I read it I had the same feeling for them both. But honestly, not sure Beth in that moment was ready to be that for anyone… she was out for vengeance and could see nothing else.

(There is a moment, where I hope you see the fight in her after he calls her that) I think the heart wants it but she has to protect that kid from herself… not sure that will make any sense. But let’s see where the writer will take them… I have hope.”

I think I can speak for everybody when I say that scene was heart wrenching for everybody. As we all know, Beth definitely wants and deserves to be a mother after everything that’s happened to her, but it appears that she truly was looking out for Carter’s best interest giving the situation.

And I’ll admit though, it was frustrating to see her respond the way she did… poor Carter.

But, now that Rip and Beth are married, and Carter got to be there, maybe we’ll finally start to see that happy family come together in Season 5?

Cole Hauser said that a relationship between them and Carter would take time, but something tells me, it’s much more plausible for them to adopt Carter than it is for Beth and Rip to have a miracle baby.

Only time will tell…

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