Pat McAfee And The Boys Singing “Friends In Low Places” Is Just The Kind Of Laugh You Need

There’s probably no better sports program on planet earth than the Pat McAfee Show.

Just a former NFL punter, his best friends and the Green Bay Packers all-time leading tackler talking shop, making jokes, asking questions and getting to the bottom of every real and ridiculous story in the NFL and sports in general.

Aaron Rogers joins the show every Tuesday and while the segment is always fantastic with Aaron offering some interesting perspectives on many topics, things really blew up when his vaccination status was questioned following a positive Covid test, and then further blew up when he admitted going to Dr.* Joe Rogan for treatment advice.

But all that aside, Aaron Rogers Tuesday continues to bring all kinds of good into the world, whether it be the Book Club they’ve started where Aaron recommends a new book to Pat and the audience each week, or Pat constantly trying to get Aaron to play them a song on guitar.

Of course, he was spotted in Hawaii partying with his fiancée and Miles Teller, drunkenly playing guitar and singing “Wagon Wheel” instead of going to OTAs with his team.

Well, last week Pat had another unsuccessful attempt at getting Aaron to play a song, but the one chord he did strum sounded quite familiar and the boys took it from there…

“Friends In Low Places” is the ultimate drunk song. Regardless of how many times it’s played and how sick of it your sober self is, put down a few Busch Lights and you’re throwing arms around your buddies and screaming lungs out.

They certainly didn’t know all, or quite frankly many, of the words, but hell, neither do you singing karaoke half the time, so cut them some slack, they nailed the chorus and isn’t that what truly matters?

I hope this brightens your day like it did mine.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock