Aaron Rodgers Stands By Vaccine Decision Despite Backlash: “Hate Is Not Gonna Bring Us Out Of This”

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The sports world has been up in flames for the past week after Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tested positive for COVID, after saying that he was “immunized,” rather than vaccinated.

He claimed he was allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine, so he took an alternate medical approach to bolster his immune system, and was hoping that the NFL would count that as vaccinated in terms of their protocol…. they did not.

Folks are pretty divided on the issue, as we’ve seen many people take his side, including Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher. However, we’ve also seen a ton of people, especially in the media, tearing him to pieces.

In all honesty, Rodgers really doesn’t care what people think about him, and never really has. He’s already admitted that he’s tired of this “woke cancel culture” stuff, and he refuses to buy into it.

He went on The Pat McAfee Show again today to discuss the topic even further, admitting that he could’ve answered the vaccination question better, but ultimately, he stands by it, and now, just wants to get back to football.

When he came on the show, Pat McAfee joked around with him, saying that he consulted with Dr. Joe Rogan and his ideas of treating COVID.

Rodgers responded:

“I have a lot of admiration for Joe. I definitely talked with about a dozen friends of mine who’ve dealt with COVID, and they all were very helpful in different ways, Joe being one of them.

But again, that’s the society we’re in. I have no judgement. Hate is not going to bring us out of this pandemic, it’s gonna be connecting and love, and I’m not gonna hate on anybody that has said things about me. I believe everybody’s entitled to their opinion. And I always will believe that.

I think that it’s a time to move forward for me and talk about football, and I’m thankful to be healthy and coming out of this, because there’s been a number of people who’ve not been able to overcome COVID. So I empathize with anyone in those situations. I’ve tried to help out in many ways where it made sense, not just in Green Bay.

It’s been a tough time on a lot of people, and a good time for reflection for me personally.”

When he was asked if he’d made any more comments to back up his previous comments, or have a better understanding of the situation, he responded:

“No, you know I stand by what I said, and the reasons why I made the decision. But I’ve been doing a lot of reading and watched some ball on Saturday and obviously on Sunday, I watched our guys.”

Here’s the full interview with Pat McAfee.

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