Bucs WR Antonio Brown Ripped Off His Jersey, Threw Gloves Into The Crowd, And Ran Off The Field In Bizarre Mid-Game Meltdown

Antonio Brown

2022 is already getting weird.

In a bizarre display during the middle of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New York Jets this afternoon, Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown appeared to get frustrated on the sideline and quit the team.

He took off his pads and helmet, started throwing his shirt and gloves into the crowd, and threw up the “deuces” as he ran across the field and out of the stadium:

I mean, the guy literally had a full-on meltdown and just started undressing:

Before he made it back into the locker room, though, he ran around the end zone shirtless, gesturing at fans and eventually making his way completely off the field.

He’s lucky he didn’t get tackled by stadium security on his way out, though:

At this point, it’s not clear exactly what triggered Antonio or why he walked off the field, but then again, you have to expect the unexpected when we’re talking about Antonio Brown.

The Bucs are currently down 24-20 against the Jets, who hold a dismal record of 4-11, meanwhile the Bucs are sitting at 11-4 and have already clinched the NFC South (very sad Panthers fan here).

Just last month, Antonio was suspended for three games after lying about his vaccination status to the NFL and his team and using a fake vaccination card.

It will be interesting to see how much longer he lasts with the Bucs after this little display, or if in fact, that was his last game.

Needless to say, Twitter did what it does best… and brought some hilarious commentary:

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