Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown Suspended 3 Games For Using Fake Vaccination Card

Antonio Brown wearing a uniform
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Man, 2021… what a strange time.

If you would’ve told me over two years ago that people would be submitting fake vaccine cards to play in the NFL, I would’ve said you’ve lost your damn mind.

But here we are…

We all remember how the sports world absolutely bonkers when Aaron Rodgers caught COVID, and then revealed that he did not get vaccinated, even though he told the media he had been “immunized.”

The Packers knew he wasn’t vaccinated, the NFL knew he wasn’t vaccinated, and he wound up only being fined about $15,000 for not wearing a mask at press conferences and going to a Halloween party.

But that didn’t stop the media frenzy from claiming that he lied about his vaccination status, endangered his teammates, is overall… is a total piece of shit of a person. In fact, some even called for him to be removed from the league entirely.

But now, we have another NFL player who has been found guilty of submitting a fake vaccine card… lying to his team and the NFL, not just the media.

And that’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

According to NFL.com, the NFL has suspended Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown, and Safety Mike Edwards, three games for submitting bogus vaccine cards.

Steven Ruiz, Antonio Brown’s former chef, claims that Brown had sought and received a fake vaccine card in July, but Brown swears Ruiz is lying. According to a statement from Brown’s attorney Sean Burstyn, the Buc’s wide receiver was vaccinated and had the proper paper work.

However, the NFL said in a statement that after investigating the claims, Brown did indeed submit a fraudulent vaccination card. The NFL released the following statement:

“The health and safety of players and personnel is our top priority. The protocols were jointly developed working with our respective experts to ensure that we are practicing and playing football as safely as possible during the ongoing pandemic.

The NFL-NFLPA jointly reinforce their commitment and further emphasize the importance of strict adherence to the protocols to protect the well-being of everyone associated with the NFL.”

The Buccaneers also released a statement:

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