Urban Meyer Doesn’t Deny Being Hard On His Assistant Coaches After He Reportedly Called Them “Losers”

Urban Meyer Trevor Lawrence
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Urban Meyer really is digging his hole deeper and deeper.

Among his player controversy, where several Jacksonville Jaguars players have claimed that he treats them like shit, and the whole bar scene incident where he was caught with a girl (not his wife) grinding on him, it seems to just keep getting worse and worse.

Hell, Meyer has even been rumored to throw his assistant coaches under the bus, questioning their coaching ability. Apparently, he’s a “winner” and his coaches are all “losers.”

And, he told them that…

When the rumors about his assistant coaches came out, it appeared that it could simply be speculation.

However, when Meyer was asked about these claims, he definitely didn’t deny it.

Reporter Jay Glazer talked to the coach about the situation, and he said on Fox NFL Sunday:

“Yes, absolutely. I’m hard on my coaches. I get on them.”

Glazer also added that Meyer:

“Still thinks he has the support of ownership.”

So it sounds like Urban didn’t quite admit to calling them losers, however he does admit to being hard on them.

If this is true, Jags owner Shad Khan must have an insane level of grace and patience, because this whole season for Meyer and the Jaguars organization has been nothing short of a burning dumpster fire.


If this doesn’t tell you everything…

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