SHOCKER… Everyone Is Reportedly Fed Up With Urban Meyer In Jacksonville

Urban Meyer
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Man, there was so much hope in Jacksonville for this season.

They drafted the number one overall pick in quarterback Trevor Lawrence, and got his star running back at Clemson too with Travis Etienne.

Not to mention, they brought in a proven college football coach in Urban Meyer.

Needless to say, Jaguars fans were excited to see what the future held.

With that being said, nobody expected the team to see immediate success, as they’re in the middle of a massive rebuild, with a ton of young stars adjusting to the speed of the NFL.

However, I don’t think anybody could’ve expected the absolute dumpster fire of a season this has been.

Let’s take a deep dive into the shitstorm that is the Jacksonville Jaguars right now, according to NFL.

Travis Etienne Injury

Things began to look a little bleak back in August, when rookie Travis Etienne injured his foot, putting him out for the rest of the season.

There weren’t many worries though, as Jacksonville has one of the top running backs in the league in James Robinson (we’ll get back to this in a second).

Horrid Start

The team got off to a brutal start, going 0-5 to kick things off. Trevor Lawrence looked a little shaky in his first few games, and his offensive line was giving him zero time to sit comfortably in the pocket.

Urban Meyer Bar Video

This is when it really starts going downhill.

After a brutal loss to Cincinnati, where the Jags had the game won until Joe Burrow led his team down the field for the comeback win, Meyer decided to stay back in Ohio and not fly back with the team so he could see family and friends.

That night, a viral video showed Urban ripshit drunk at his bar in Columbus, with a young woman throwing it back on him.

Although it was a horrible look, all he needed to do was apologize and move on, and let the organization gain their trust back.

However, he decided to give a piss poor “apology,” and changed the subject to Trevor Lawrence’s bachelor party, throwing his rookie QB under the bus for no reason.

James Robinson Benching

Many fans across the country have been wondering why their star running back hasn’t been getting any carries, as he’s looked incredibly productive when he’s in the game.

This past Sunday, Robinson got benched in the first quarter after fumbling the ball. He was then benched for backup Carlos Hyde (who was Meyer’s RB at Ohio State, and many think he’s showing favoritism).

Robinson didn’t touch the ball again until fourth quarter garbage time.

Trevor Lawrence has even had to come forward to Meyer and tell him that Robinson needs to be on the field more, and get a lot more touches.

He said:

“Bottom line is James is one of our best players and he’s got to be on the field and we addressed it, and I feel like we’re in a good spot and the whole team, we’re good.”

We’ll see if this actually happens or not.

Wide Receiver Marvin Jones Is Not Happy

Marvin Jones is arguably the Jags wide receiver one, and is definitely one of the most respected in the locker room.

However, NFL sources say that he was so angry at Meyer for publicly and privately criticizing the wide receiver core, that he left the facility and contemplated not coming back until staff members convinced him.

That’s when a heated exchange happened between Meyer and Jones at practice.

Meyer Throws His Assistants Under The Bus

Meyer has a long history of not taking ownership in things.

One example includes blaming his “forgetful memory due to migraines” during the domestic abuse scandal with one of his assistant coaches.

And most recently, he told his assistant coaches during a staff meeting that he’s a winner, and they are losers. He made them give examples of times they’ve actually been winners, making them defend their resumes.

Wow, way to earn trust in the staff room, Urban.

Not to mention, he blamed James Robinson’s benching on running backs coach coach Bernie Parmalee.

Meyer Treats His Players Like “College Kids”

It’s not hard to see that the NFL is a different world from college.

You aren’t coaching 18-22 year olds anymore. Hell, in some cases, there are players who are older than several guys on the coaching staff.

Needless to say, you can’t talk to them like they’re children, and several Jags players have said that Meyer doesn’t treat them like adults.

Current State

The Jags are sitting at 2-10, and to be quite honest, both games they won could’ve easily been losses.

The franchise looks like a burning dumpster fire right now, with so much distrust in the locker room between players and coaches.

However, owner Shad Khan doesn’t appear to be considering Meyer’s termination, but if things keep going the way they’re going, he may have no choice.

And here’s the thing… nobody is all that surprised…

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