Parker McCollum Caught Some Beautiful Rainbow Trout In Colorado

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Colorado is pretty close to a perfect state…

The beauty of the mountains, skiing, hunting, fishing, sports, craft beer, legal weed, Whiskey Riff HQ… I mean what else could you ask for?

Well, Parker McCollum took advantage of this great state and caught some gorgeous rainbow trout over the weekend.

“Catching Rainbow Trout on the Aught Six Ranch today! This place is special!”

His good buddy Koe Wetzel was quick to chime in, making fun of the fact that the picture doesn’t include any body of water:

“Dang ‘ol road trout eat good AF man.”

But while they’re nowhere near the size of the World Record Brown Trout caught earlier this year, they’re some lunkers.

Those beauts are some good eating too.

Colorado allows for trout fishing year round, just another reason to get your ass to the Sunshine State.

While you may not be as fortunate as Parker to be able to fish at the private Aught Six Ranch, there are plenty of streams to get some rainbows on the end of your line.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock