Ten Albums To Listen To When You Get Sick Of Spending Time With Your Family This Thanksgiving

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We all love spending time with our family on Thanksgiving, right?

Just not TOO much time.

If you’re anything like me, after a couple hours of Thanksgiving dinner and family time you’re ready to sneak off to the garage to grab a beer out of that beige fridge (you know the one), crank up some music, and just get some peace and alone time.

Luckily 2021 has been a pretty good year for new music, so you have plenty of solid options when you want to escape the political talk and constant questions about when you’re gonna get married and start a family.

If you need some recommendations for new-ish albums that are good for sitting around, cracking a beer, and cranking up to help you escape from your family this Thanksgiving, here are some good options:

How the Mighty Fall – Charles Wesley Godwin 

The Marfa Tapes – Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Jon Randall

Triston Marez – Triston Marez

Ramble On – Charlie Marie

Mercy – Cole Chaney

Depreciated – John R. Miller

29: Written In Stone – Carly Pearce

Reckless – Morgan Wade

Beyond These Walls – Jesse Daniel

Son of A – Dillon Carmichael

So there you go – that should be enough to keep you entertained while the family’s in the kitchen fighting over God knows what.

Or… just throw on our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack playlist


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A beer bottle on a dock