Alabama Woman Says She Got Sucker Punched, Knocked Out In Bathroom Line At Morgan Wallen Concert

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Man, I’ll tell you what… the bathroom line at a concert ain’t no joke.

I’ve been to a zillion country concert, a zillion country festivals, and let’s just say I’ve seen some shit. Whether it’s people hooking up in a porta-potty, dudes throwing hands in line, drunk girls becoming best friends in line, or some overserved bozo passed out on the can… where there’s drunk people congregating, there’s drunk people shenanigans.

But for one Alabama woman, bathroom line shenanigans went way overboard, way fast.

According to NBC 15, an Alabama woman got suckered punched, and knocked out, while waiting in line for the bathroom at a recent Morgan Wallen concert in Mobile, Alabama.

She says the incident was because she allegedly skipped the line:

“She said we skipped her. I said I’m sorry, I didn’t see you, but it’s not that big of a deal, you can get in front of me.

She called me a bitch and that was the last thing I remember saying before she hit me.”

Video surfaced of the fight, featuring what appears to be a few guys trying to separate the two woman, but you can see the attacker throwing knees into the face of the woman. Doesn’t seem like this is her first rodeo…

The victim says she was knocked unconscious, suffered a broken nose, concussion, and facial lacerations, and that a nearby nurse was able to help her after the attack.

“She helped me. She told me what had happened, and I was losing a lot of blood. And she needed to get me to first aid.”

Police are searching for the woman that hit her, however since there is no clear photo or video evidence, they may have a tough time identifying the woman.

I think we all know that fights are a dime a dozen at concerts (in any genre, so save the Morgan Wallen comments), but you hate to see someone get blindsided and take a beating like this. It’s pretty obvious this woman wasn’t looking for a fight. And after the kind of year (and a half) we’ve all had?

I mean, some of us haven’t been to concerts since the pandemic began, or they’ve been few and far in between… you’re really gonna be fighting when you finally get back to a concert?

I feel like I’m gonna be hugging strangers when I get back to a show, but maybe that’s just me…

This video provides and alternate angle of the fight, however, it’s still pretty unclear who’s involved.

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