Armorer On Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Pissed Off Nicolas Cage On Set Of Previous Film Over Lack Of Safety

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At this point, it’s pretty obvious the armorer on the set of Alec Baldwin’s upcoming movie Rust had NO business being anywhere near a firearm on a movie set.

Last week, we learned of the tragic news of Alec Baldwin accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on set while filming upcoming western movie Rust, after he was given a prop gun with live rounds in it. Director Joel Souza was also injured but released from the hospital.

As more details come to light, we’re coming to learn more about how this accident could’ve possibly happened, and how it easily could’ve been avoided if the proper safety precautions were taken.

According to The Wrap, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the rookie armorer who was in charge of weapons on set of Rust, was also in-charge of weapons for Nicolas Cage’s The Old Way.

But now, it appears as though there were more red flags beyond just her lack of experience. Apparently, she made Cage so furious with her unsafe gun practices, he stormed off set one day.

Cage also screamed at her for firing a gun twice in three days without warning, scaring people on set.

The movie’s key grip, Stu Brumbaugh, recalled Cage screaming at her after a shot was fired without warning:

“Make an announcement, you just blew my fucking eardrums out.”

He then added:

“After the second round, I was pissed off. We were moving too fast. She’s a rookie.”

Brumbaugh then noted a number of complaints about Gutierrez-Reed, who was reportedly walking around with live rounds without telling anybody, and also walking with two pistols tucked under her armpits, pointing back at cast members.

Brumbaugh himself told the assistant director she needed to be fired:

“She needs to be let go.”

After the filming of “The Old Way,” Gutierrez-Reed discussed on a podcast how she felt like she wasn’t ready at the time to be in-charge of weapons:

“It was also my first time being head armorer… I was really nervous about it at first, and I almost didn’t take the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready.”

Ummm, you weren’t…

“I think the best part about my job is just showing people who are normally kind of freaked out by guns how safe they can be and how they’re not really problematic unless put in the wrong hands.”

Wow… it makes your blood boil.

Brumbaugh stated another issue was that she had no help, and producers were trying to stay cheap by hiring only one, inexperienced armorer.

“As producers refuse to bring more experienced people because their rates are higher, they demand we take our time and (producers) don’t want to pay it. So they hired a newbie who is energetic and wants the job and will do it with less people.

If there was one more person in the other movie, the tragedy wouldn’t have happened. A second person would have inspected to make sure the barrels were clear.”

But despite her inexperience, the prop master who supervised Gutierrez-Reed on “The Old Way,” Jeffrey Crow, came to her defense:

“I thought she was an exceptionally young, up-and-coming, very eager and talented armorer.

I had a lot of faith in her, and I still do. I’m gonna be surprised if there was anything she was ultimately responsible for in all of this, just seeing how she acted in the past. This is all such a surprise.”

According to Fox News, Mary Carmack-Altwies of the state’s first district said that everything is on the table right now, including criminal charges for Baldwin. And while a criminal charge for Baldwin is unlikely, a number of California lawyers have speculated that everybody and their mother is going to be sued for this.

“Yes, Alec Baldwin was the main producer, but it might be found out that another producer did more to cut corners.

I don’t think there will be anything as bad as a murder charge, but this is going to be a legal nightmare for Baldwin.”

Baldwin took to Twitter to issue an apology.

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