LSU Players Call Bullsh*t On Report That Ed Orgeron Had A Revolving Door Of Women Coming To Practice

Ed Orgeron with his hands up
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Earlier this week we received the inevitable news that LSU football coach Ed Orgeron would be parting ways with the school, and taking a nice little $16.8 MILLION buyout with him.

You know, enough for a few double cheeseburgers from Sonic.

The man appears to be at peace with the decision, as he let us all know during his press conference that he had zero regrets during his time with the Tigers and would be taking a little time off from coaching next season.

Of course, whenever something like this happens, you’re gonna have a few reporters out there who are gonna do whatever they can to find some skeletons to dig up.

After the news broke, many journalists claimed to have heard about a deeper rooted issue with Coach O besides not winning ball games, as some “sources within LSU” noted that the coach was more worried about his “girlfriends” and personal life than he was football the last couple years.

Brody Miller from The Athletic was one of the first to report on this, and Baton Rouge’s ABC affiliate WBRZ reporter Matt Trent also spoke on the claims, stating on Twitter that Coach O always brought his “girlfriends” to team practices, and even let their kids take part in team drills.

Maybe there was reason to go more in-depth with this speculation, especially after those pictures emerged of the man hanging around younger women after his divorce and his National Championship title.

However, LSU players have joined in on the conversation, and they’re here to set the record straight. They said Orgeron has NEVER done this.

Needless to say, they gave Matt Trent the business.

A ton of players took to Twitter to let the world know these were lies:

Say what you want about Coach O… the players seem to have his back.

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