LSU And Coach Ed Orgeron Will Part Ways Next Season: “Personal Life Bleeding Into Coaching Life”

Ed Orgeron with his mouth open
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Saw that coming…

We’ve all heard the rumors buzzing that Ed Orgeron and LSU would be mutually parting ways at the end of the season. And now, it’s official.

LSU is the home of one of the most decorated football programs in the country, and needless to say, you ain’t gonna keep your job being a .500 coach in Baton Rouge.

Yes, the Tigers have underperformed big time the past two seasons after their dream national title run back in 2019, but they just might be building some momentum after pulling off a big upset against the number 20 ranked Florida Gators yesterday.

I thought maybe, just maybe, Coach O’s chances of remaining a head coach at LSU were still alive.

Turns out, those chances were shut down quick.

According to the LSU Wire, the school and Coach O have reached a separation agreement, and he will no longer be the coach for the Tigers after this season.

It turns out that the decision was made before the Florida game, regardless if they won or not.

Not gonna lie, “separation agreement” sounds like a good euphemism for a “forced resignation,” which is also a euphemism for “you gotta quit or we’re giving you the boot.”

And it looks like some off the field issues weighed into the decision.

According to a report from WBRZ’s Matt Trent, Orgeron’s personal life was getting in the way of the team.

Ed Orgeron was also recently named as a defendant in a Title IX lawsuit against LSU:

This might be one of the quickest falls from grace we’ve seen in the college football world in a long time.

Two short years ago, Orgeron boasted one of the best teams in college football history, and with Coach O being a Louisiana native, it appeared at the time that he would be coaching the Tigers for a VERY long time.

Crazy how things change.

I’m gonna miss the bayou legend, the dude’s one of the best media personalities in all of college football.

It was inevitable for a school who fired Les Miles for going 9-3 in the SEC.

Have fun with lil’ Bebe, coach… and that $17.5 million buyout too.

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