Aaron Rodgers Blasts “Woke Cancel Culture” Amid Backlash On “I Own You” TD Celebration Against Chicago Bears

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Aaron Rodgers is once again in the midst of another stellar season in Green Bay, and we’re only six games in.

This summer, many people thought that Rodgers wasn’t coming back to Green Bay at all, but he did. Then, he had a horrible first game performance against the New Orleans Saints, making us all wonder if the man just didn’t care anymore.

Well since then, he’s won five straight games, still looks as good as he ever has, and still is making the Chicago Bears his bitch twice a year.

After scrambling for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter against the Bears this past weekend, and enjoying some double birds from a lady in the stands, he was caught on the hot-mic yelling:

“All my f*cking life, I own you. I still own you.”

(Editor’s note: As a longtime Chicago Bear fan, he absolutely owns them. No question).

Some thought the statement as absolutely legendary, and of course, you have those who thought it was “inappropriate” and “irresponsible.”

Rodgers recently joined the Pat McAfee Show to address the criticism:

“That is the state of our media and really our culture… this woke, PC culture. There’s a PC woke culture that exists, and there’s a cancel culture at the same time.

And it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal miserability or distaste for their own situations or life, or maybe just enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.

The quarterback claims that a woman was flicking him the double bird, and he was just throwing back a little retaliation, and he loves that. It’s all part of the spirit of the game and what makes sports… sports.

I mean, who doesn’t love a little trash talk?

“Look, I think that’s to say… are we getting that soft in society where we can’t even have words now?”

Somebody can pay for a ticket and say whatever the hell they want, which I think they should be able to, that’s fine, but the one time you say something back to them and it gets caught on a hot mic… now I’ve disrespected an entire city and organization and my own organization?”

So if you’re out there thinking that Rodgers needs to be canceled, looks like you’re out of luck. He doesn’t care.

In fact, his advice… don’t even live in that world.

“I just think that it, for me, helps me to keep sane when I can recognize and point out that there is this culture that exists that gets off, I think, on shrinking people, keeping them small, keeping them in a box, quieting them through (cancelation) or demeaning comments.

I also exist outside of that in a different realm where I do feel confident in things I say and I do stand by what I do. I like to speak the truth and I’m not part of this woke cancel culture that gets off on trying to silence people all the time.”

Gotta love it.

You can check out the whole show below:

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