Koe Wetzel Drops New Mexico Bull Elk From 541 Yards

“Bowhunter my ass…”

Koe Wetzel and the fellas from Fierce Firearms made their way down to Mescalero, New Mexico, for an elk hunt in the Sacramento Mountains.

And right from the jump, the crew spotted several bulls in the valley, and could hear even more bugling around them. Needless to say, all signs pointed towards a successful hunt.

The crew spotted a choice bull at about 625 yards, and creeped in a little further for a closer shot.

With the bipod back at camp, the crew rigged up a couple of trekking poles and Koe was able to set up against a tree for a shot at 540 yards with his custom KW Fierce Carbon Fury .28 Nosler.

First shot missed right over the bull’s back, but Koe was able to get another look at the bull just a few seconds later, and he made it count. A third follow-up shot and the bull dropped right where he stood.

It was the experience of a lifetime for Koe:

“I never even seen that before I got out here, so to come out here first morning and to smack one like this… I’ll never forget it for sure… it’s insane.”

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A beer bottle on a dock