VIDEO: Texas A&M Kicker’s Family Going Bonkers As He Drills Game Winning Kick Against Alabama

Texas A&M football

Talk about goosebumps.

Texas A&M football has one of the most devout fanbases in all of college sports. Their stadium holds over 100,000 people, and even in their down years, the fans still come out and pack that stadium to max capacity.

And they’re still rowdy, all four quarters.

I’ll be the first to say, I thought A&M had absolutely no chance in this game against mighty Alabama on Saturday. The Aggies have struggled heavily all season long, and it appeared that the Crimson Tide has started to peak.

I thought it would be a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’.

However, it was the opposite, and the Aggies set up a 28-yard game winning field goal for kicker Seth Small.

All 100,000 plus were clinging on to the edge of their seat, and you could imagine the nerves going through Small, as he had a shot to beat number one Bama. If you thought he was nervous? Check out this video of his family.

A camera caught Small’s wife and parents in the stands before the kick, and every single one of them are on the verge of crying.

Could you imagine? Your son, brother, and husband have a chance to beat the best team in the country at that point.

Next thing you know, Small drills the kick and defeated Bama, and his family goes absolutely BONKERS.

His wife even storms the field.

This… this is what makes college football great.

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A beer bottle on a dock