Mick Jagger Casually Strolled Around Downtown Nashville Friday Night – And Nobody Seemed To Notice

A group of people walking on a street at night

Mick Jagger’s at it again.

It seems the legendary Rolling Stones frontman has gotten into the habit of exploring the cities that he’s playing on their current tour. And he somehow manages to go totally unnoticed.

A week or so ago, he showed up at a dive bar in Charlotte for a drink, and nobody even knew he had been there until he posted a picture of himself at the bar to his social media.

And this past Friday, he upped the stakes by walking around Broadway in downtown Nashville.

The Stones played at Nissan Stadium last night, so Mick spent the day Friday taking in all that Nashville has to offer. He started out going for a hike in the park, and (for some reason) posing in front of a scrapyard.

And then Friday night, he did what most visitors to Nashville do and hit up Broadway, walking unnoticed amongst the crowd in his ball cap and mask.

I mean, just look at all those people walking by him. And not one of them even turns their head.

You’d think the 78-year old rocker would stand out among the bachelorette parties, or that SOMEBODY would put two and two together knowing that the Stones were in town this weekend. But nope.

I even searched on Twitter and Instagram and I couldn’t find a single post mentioning a Mick Jagger sighting on Broadway. Seems he went completely unnoticed.

Jagger joked about his outing during their show last night, saying that he “crashed a bachelorette party on a pedal tavern” and “ended up at the Wild Beaver riding a mechanical bull.”

Well, I assume he was joking – I’m sure if Mick Jagger was riding a mechanical bull in Nashville there would be video of it online somewhere. But again, nobody even seemed to notice him so who knows.

I guess Mick Jagger just isn’t as exciting as Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk.

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