Mick Jagger Went To A Bar In North Carolina Before A Show And Nobody Recognized Him

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Mick Jagger walks into a bar.

He has a beer by himself and nobody even notices he’s there.

No, that’s not some terrible “guy walks into a bar joke.” That’s what actually happened this week in North Carolina.

The Rolling Stones were in Charlotte for a concert at Bank of America Stadium this week. And the night before the show, their legendary frontman ventured out to a local watering hole, the Thirsty Beaver Saloon, to grab a beer.

Jagger posted a picture to his social media showing himself in his best dad look – jeans and a ballcap – standing on the patio of the Thirsty Beaver, drinking a longneck. There were a handful of other customers on either side of Jagger – but nobody recognized him or even knew he had been in the bar until he posted the picture.

According to Brian Wilson, the owner of the Thirsty Beaver, not even the bartender realized who he was as she served him his beer. And the customers that are sitting on either side of Jagger? Well Wilson says they’re regulars, and they told him they had no idea that a rock and roll legend was standing just feet away from them.

Hell, nobody even knows exactly what time he was there. Wilson says he went through the credit card receipts looking for Jagger’s signature, but couldn’t find it – so he thinks Jagger must have paid in cash.

It seems crazy at first, but I live in Nashville and I’ve seen country singers out and about and not recognized them until somebody else pointed it out (obviously nobody as big as Mick Jagger, but you get the point). And who knows how many I’ve walked by and never even known about.

And to Jagger’s credit, he definitely looks the part of a dive bar regular.

But still – it’s Mick Jagger. You’d think SOMEBODY would put 2 + 2 together when you know he’s in town for a show.

Although I’m sure Jagger probably appreciated being able to just pop into a bar and have a beer like a normal person without being recognized. Because I’m sure that doesn’t happen much when you’re MICK FUCKING JAGGER.

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