Kat Hasty Delivers Captivating Live Performance Of “Where The Wildflowers Lay”

Kat Hasty is a star in the making.

The west Texas native has been growing her fan base over the last year or so, with fan-favorite songs like “Pretty Things” and “The Highway Song,” racking up millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

She’s a breath of fresh air, often sharing the ups and downs of life as young mom and artist candidly on her social media channels.

And while fans have come to know and love her rough-around-the-edges, raw production style thus far, she recently stopped by Welcome to 1979 studio in Nashville to record a song for OurVinyl Sessions.

Performing another fan-favorite, “Where the Wildflowers Lay,” the song was included on her 2020 debut EP Drowning in Dreams.

I love the longing and honesty she sings in every single line:

“He said don’t go fallin’ in love, my girl
I’m a ramblin’ man
I don’t stay one place too long
And I don’t make no plans

Save that heart for someone
Who’s gonna give a damn
I am not that man
I’m not that man”

She has such a pure, striking voice that you absolutely cannot mistake, and accompanied by that steel, she shows it off ever so beautifully here:

The original:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock