Tennessee Jet Puts On A Storytelling Showcase With New “William Faulkner”

We’ve been trying to tell you, Tennessee Jet is the real deal.

And his latest song, “William Faulkner,” is all the proof you need.

A man, named after the author and his father and grandfather, recounts the story of his parents. His dad was a rebel type but fell in love with his mother as soon as he saw her. He was a rough around the edges guy and his mother was an innocent, good looking girl who would not have been allowed to hang around him if her family knew, so they tried to keep it quiet.

But as sometimes happens, children in love make children of their own…

The two tried to get out of town, but it was a freezing cold trip and his mother didn’t make it and died giving birth on a river bank.

Absolutely heartbreaking stuff, a riveting story of love and loss. And yet, another example of fantastic songwriting from Tennessee Jet.

Even given the subject matter, I’ve listened to this song a whole bunch since I first heard it.

Keep it up, TJ.

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A beer bottle on a dock