Happy 22nd Birthday To Chris Gaines

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Chris Gaines Greatest Hits Album Cover

On September 28th, 1999, the world was fully introduced to Chris Gaines.

Twenty two years ago today, the emo, sex addicted, soul patch wearing, rockstar alter-ego of Garth Brooks released his first (and only) album, The Life Of Chris Gaines.

And the world has never been the same…


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The album actually performed quite well on the charts, peaking at Billboard’s Number 2 and going Double Platinum, but the legacy of good ole country boy G going deep into the steamy persona of a bad-boy alt rock legend makes this project larger than life and one of the funniest things to ever happen in country music.

Even Chris Stapleton and Joe Rogan had a grand old time talking about the strangeness of one of music’s biggest acts of all time pulling this stunt.

Garth has recently teased more Chris Gaines music coming in every format and I absolutely hope that happens. Maybe that’s the great uniting factor the world needs right now.

At the very least, it certainly can’t hurt…


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