Garth Brooks Says Unreleased Chris Gaines Music Is Coming In “Every Format You Can Possibly Imagine”

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Chris Gaines is BACK.

Garth Brooks finally made his return to Inside Studio G this week, after taking some time off while his wife Trisha Yearwood, as well as other members of his team, battled COVID-19.

Shooting from the recording studio as opposed to his regular home studio, Garth admitted that he had been writing with Ashley McBryde earlier in the day and that “she tore it up.”

But later in the segment, he dropped a bomb on fans with the news that unreleased Chris Gaines material is on the way. A fan asked if she could get the Chris Gaines album digitally (a question they apparently get all the time) and Garth made her day with his response:

“When it comes to Chris Gaines, I can’t tell you anything except… you’re going to have it in every format you can possibly imagine. It’s coming, even in vinyl. And, you’re going to have Chris Gaines stuff nobody’s ever heard before either.

It’s all coming, but the Chris Gaines thing you just gotta handle it with kid gloves and put it together, but it’s coming. I love that project, so I’m excited.”

I recently dove into the world of Chris Gaines, watching the entire VH1 Behind The Music documentary and I’ll tell you what…. it’s the most hilarious, terrifying, brilliantly bizarre, downright most insane fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

For example, did you know that Chris Gaines was a raging sex addict? And such a raging sex addict that when he got into a severe car accident, all he could think about was if his dick was still going work afterwards.

Plane crashes, car crashes, trauma, scandals, sex, sex, more sex…. Chris Gaines is a fucking legend.

Be on the lookout people… it’s COMING.

You can watch the full episode of Inside Studio G below:

We're Back!

We’re back in more ways than one!!! love, g #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, March 15, 2021


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