Ok, Hear Me Out… Theo Von Needs His Own Fishing Show

Theo Von is undoubtedly one of the funniest men on the planet, and like any guy with a mullet attached to their head, he also likes to get out on the water and do a little fishing. 

The stand up comedian recently posted some video footage of a recent fishing excursions online, and his wholesome appreciation and genuine excitement for catching fish is refreshing and entertaining. 

Not a lot of details on where the fishing trip took place, but he exhibits textbook form and tactics when it comes to smallmouth fishing.

He rigs up a live minnow, pitches the bait perfectly into a riffle in the water where fish like to hang out, sets the hook perfectly, and reels in a nice stream-sized smallmouth bass that put up the type of fight the fish are well known for.

Granted the reel is upside down, but that’s part of the charm… the innocence of a novice, yet hilarious, fishermen.

His commentary during the whole process is what makes this particular video so damn good. 


Caught my first small mouth. We threw a net and got a wet batch of minnows and ‘dines. Then turned around and snagged em.

Middle mannin for Mother Natch. Good time. Small mouth are damn welterweight AF. They full of fight.”

I mean, what do we have to do to get Theo Von to host a fishing show?

Seriously, put this guy on a pond, put a fishing pole in his hand, and just let the camera roll. Go ahead and try to tell me that ain’t great TV. Maybe add a celebrity guest in there from time to time… it’s genius.

And if you don’t know who Theo Von is, can you even call yourself a country music fan?

Seriously though, if you’re not familiar with Theo, check out his standup, or tune into one of his podcasts. He’s the host of The Past Weekend, as well as the co-host of King & The Sting with Brendan Schaub.

He also recently hosted Morgan Wallen’s benefit concert that raised nearly a million dollars for flood victims, and he also starred in Bishop Gunn’s music video for “Alabama.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock