If You’re Still Sleeping On Bishop Gunn, It’s Time To Wake The Hell Up

If you’ve never heard of Bishop Gunn, write down the name immediately, these guys are legit.

Formed in Natchez, Mississippi, blues and southern rock runs deep in the veins of their music, showcased no better than in “Alabama.” From the accent, to the rusted guitar string sound, to the Baptist Church roots, the song captures the swampy, voodoo magic of the deep South, the stuff that leaves you a little sweaty. It could be the humidity or it could be something else…

The music video also features one of my favorite comedians (and Louisiana native), Theo Von. Gotta give him credit, he sells the part of a man caught up in a Southern nightmare as well as anybody.

Give it a watch, but be warned, viewer discretion is advised…

And another one of their most popular songs, the instant mood-booster, “Shine.”

P.S. – They also held the first socially-distanced concert after the shutdowns in Arkansas, way back in May, and were immediately served a cease and desist.

Keep on keeping on, boys.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock