VIDEO: Herd Of Hippos Absolutely Annihilate A Crocodile

A large group of people in a body of water

Hippopotamuses are just outrageous. 

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – hippos might just be the most terrifying animal in Africa, and that’s saying something for a continent that is home to lions, leopards, poisonous snakes, and crocodiles.

The footage we previously shared of a hippo chasing after a boat is terrifying and perfectly represents the sheer power of an individual hippo.

Hippos can tip the scales at more than 3,000-pounds. Hippos can also run almost 20 mph for short spurts despite their enormous size and stubby little legs. They’re built like a tank, swim like a boat, and have been known to pick fights against crocodiles and win.

While crocodile-infested waters are one of the scariest things people can think of, crocodiles should be terrified of hippo-infested waters.

Not sure how the crocodile in this video found its way into this particular predicament, but I do know it gets absolutely annihilated by this herd of hippos.

Damn nature… You scary.

“Many of our followers were shocked at the aggression of the Hippo in our last breakdown! So, we decided to take it up a notch to paint the full picture for you. 

Watch as an angry mob of Hippos simply abuses and mangles up a crocodile who wandered into the wrong neighborhood! This behavior is very common from the big bully and should be considered the norm for this species, rather than an odd moment out. 

Also, we should mention, if you ever find yourself in range of a hippo, back away slowly and do not run or try to threaten the Hippo. The best game to play, rather, is prevention. Still, 500 people are killed by Hippos each year.”

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