Sturgill Simpson Delivers First Live Performance Of “Juanita” At Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Fest


The Ballad Of Dood & Juanita might be one of my favorite Sturgill Simpson albums. I mean, ask me again in a week and it’ll probably change, but right now, I just love it.

A modern day Red Headed Stranger, the album tells the story of an Appalachian frontiersman, Dood, whose wife, Juanita, is captured by the scoundrel outlaw Seamus McClure. Dood sets out on a path to rescue his beloved Juanita, and make Seamus pay for his crimes.

And one the tracks in particular, where you really get a taste of Sturgill’s vocal ability, “Juanita.” Featuring Willie Nelson on guitar, you gotta love a little Spanish flavor from Stu.

Last night, at Willie Nelson’s Outlaw Music Festival stop in Guilford, New Hampshire, Sturgill treated fans to what seemed to be an impromptu performance of the tune.

You see Sturgill give a little shrug, say “alright,” and we’re off.

Ahead of his “Oh Sarah” performance, he teased a little “Sam” from Dood & Juanita as well.

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