Dale Earnhardt Jr. Recalls Time He Peed On His Wife’s Foot After She Got Stung By A Jellyfish

Amy Reimann, Dale Earnhardt Jr. smiling

Have you ever heard that old theory that peeing on the spot where someone’s been stung by a jellyfish? The urine is supposed to help neutralize the burn?

Thankfully, I’ve never had to find out the truth about it, but according to Dale Earnhardt Jr., it indeed works.

He recently told the hysterical story of him doing just that when his wife Amy got stung on the foot by a jellyfish during a beach trip earlier in the summer. On his Dale Jr. Download podcast, he made it very clear he got permission from his wife first, and then proceeded to tell his co-host Mike Davis all about the incident.

The sting happened while Amy was playing in the ocean with their daughter, Isla, and Dale Jr. was sitting on the beach knocking back a few cold ones:

“Isla and Amy are down by the water, and Amy acts like she stepped on something. I’m watching, having a 55 (Budweiser 55), and so Amy comes hobblin’ out of the beach to the umbrella, and she’s like, ‘I got stung by a jellyfish. I stepped on one. It stung.’

She’s in pain. Bad pain. Her idea, it was her idea Mike. You can imagine, she was in bad pain, and she said, ‘Do you think that will work? If you tee-teed on it?'”

First of all, any time I hear of something like this happening, I immediately think of this theory that peeing on the sting makes it stop hurting.

Second of all, from what I hear, jellyfish stings hurt like hell, so I can very much understand her willingness to do whatever it takes to make the pain stop.

Of course, Dale Jr. being the good husband that he is, agrees to pee on her foot. Luckily, there weren’t tons of people nearby on this particular beach:

“So right there, in the middle of the, there’s people on the beach. There’s probably a little family about 15 foot to our right, and there’s a couple about 10 to 20 foot to our left, and down the beach there’s more people, but not right on top of us, alright.

But close. So we kind of maneuver a lot of our stuff so we’re not in their line of sight. And, uh, yeah. Her words, I quote, saved her life. She was in so much pain and she said it worked immediately.”

Mike, in disbelief that Dale Jr. did it, asks him how he could actually pee on his wife.

I mean, if it’s between your husband peeing on your foot a little bit to stop the incredible pain that is a jellyfish sting or just sitting there wishing you could chop your foot off, this doesn’t seem like much of a question to me.

Maybe I’m the only one, but jellyfish stings hurt and Dale Jr. agrees:

“You can’t understate the pain of a jellyfish sting. You can’t understate this.”

Of course, this entire situation lends itself to some friendly jabbing by Mike, who sarcastically told Dale Jr. he was a “superhero” for peeing on Amy’s foot and came up with a few nicknames, like urine man and piss master.

Dale Jr. continued to defend their decision, saying that they made sure no one could see them:

“We were very creative. So, she comes over, we have these chairs that are flat on the ground, alright? And so I dug a hole in the sand in front of me. She stuck her foot down in it.

I didn’t even have to move. I peed on her foot and then I filled the hole in. I didn’t even have to move.

No, no one saw anything. No one saw anything. We maneuvered all of our things around to where there was not anybody in our line of sight.

I mean, I’m literally sitting almost ass on the beach, I mean, we’re low to the ground. Our chair bottoms sit on the dirt. I’m sitting, and she just puts her foot right there in front of me. I peed where it needed to go.”

Then, Mike asks another important question: did they giggle during this entire process? I mean, how could you not:

“We’re laughin’ like hell. Yes.

I was probably laughin’ a little more. Amy was hurting, but laughing and crying. She was hurting and laughing. It worked. I’ve never done it, never tried it, you hear about it.

Just sayin’, if you’re in the situation, I promise you, you and your wife, someone gets stung by a jellyfish, you’re gonna consider it.”

When Mike tells Dale Jr. he’s gonna call him if he ever needs help in this situation, Dale Jr. makes it clear that’s not gonna happen:

“I’m not available for house calls.”

Then, they debate over if Mike would or could pee on his wife. I never knew this was a debate that needed to be had, but y’all please share your thoughts and comments on this situation, especially if you’ve ever been there before.

If you need a good laugh to kick-start your post Labor Day weekend work week, this is it:

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