Zach Bryan Debuts Phenomenal New Song “Darling,” Shares Update On New Album

Zach Bryan does. Not. Miss.

He’s giving us another taste of his upcoming album with an incredible new track called “Darling,” along with an answer on the timeline of some new music.

A little while back in February of this year, it seemed like we were getting close to some sort of announcement as he hinted at a new record.

But, seeing as it’s almost September now, he’s giving another update on the status of that long-awaited project after a fan asked about when it might be coming on Twitter:

“Making it exactly what I want it to be (no rudeness attached). Never been more invested in something.

I told my family and God however long it takes is how long it takes.

Jumped the gun before and I refuse to ever do it again. Love you guys and I appreciate you.”

He’s previously released a couple videos of other songs that seem to stand a pretty good chance at making the final tracklist for it, too, including “Corinthians 5:17” and “Sober Side of Sorry”.

And I know every time he puts out a new song I say that it’s my favorite, but I think this one actually is my favorite of the new stuff he’s been putting out.

It follows the kind of subject matter we’re used to hearing from Zach, where he’s admitting that he’s a less-than-perfect man who is dealing with his own demons and trying to make some sort of relationship work in spite of that.

Throw in the harmonica and a little harmonizing with his friend JR Carroll, and it just WORKS on so many levels.

Check out some of the poetic lyrics:

“Let me have my bloody knuckles, all my nights in dark cold trouble
When I’s through, I’s hoping you might wait for me,
They made me out to be, something I don’t understand,
how I am just a man, my darling,

Now I’m lost in Denver, with a post card I could send ya’,
but I don’t know, of any good it’d do,
I’ll photograph the lights, cause’ they remind me of your eyes,
and I’ll pray for you until I untangle this blue,

Hold through the sha—kes, although it more than I can take,
there ain’t no choice, for damaged boys like me,
Hold me through the sha—kes, although it’s more than you can take,
and when you wake you’ll still be my darling,
And when you wake, I’m yours to take darling”

How does everything he touches turn to gold? I mean, I already have it stuck in my head in the time it’s taken me to watch the video a few times and write this.

And, after hearing his update about how much he’s putting into this new record, I have a feeling that will be more than worth the wait.

And while the new song is great, that Double Trouble Tour shirt is FIRE.

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