Zach Bryan Sings Tyler Childers’ “Feathered Indians” With JR Carroll In Late-Night Driveway Jam

I’d love to crush some brews and jam out with Zach Bryan and the Boys…

Tyler Childers has been a major influence on Zach’s song writing and music career, even referencing him on the first song, “Flying Or Crying”, from his first album, DeAnn. 

“We could find a porch to hold us
Where we could all scream Childers”

Knowing the effect Tyler has had on his life, hearing Zach and JR’s cover of “Feathered Indians” is just that much more special.

They slowed it down (typical Zach) and made you concentrate on the words, which reveals the sometimes overlooked love story this song is, including maybe my favorite verse of all-time, and certainly the lines that hooked me on Childers.

“Lookin’ over West Virginia
Smokin’ Spirits on the roof
She asked “Ain’t anybody told you that them things are bad for you?”
I said “Many folks have warned me,
There’s been several people tried
But up til now there ain’t been nothing that I couldn’t leave behind”

He finally found the one thing he can’t let go, her… Come on now, that gets me every time…

Anyway, Zach and JR make this song their own and it’s a fun thing to see. Makes you wanna grab you buddies, crush some Miller Lites and breaking the guitar out yourselves.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock