Kip Moore And Ashley McBryde Are “Gettin’ Close” To Something Big And I Can’t WAIT

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I don’t know what Ashley McBryde and Kip Moore are working on, but I already love it.

Kip shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram yesterday with an extremely exciting caption, hinting that something big is coming soon:

“Lot of things happenin. Gettin close.”


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Yeah, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I don’t even care. Whatever it is, those two together are an absolute dream team.

But for fun, let’s just run through a couple different possibilities real quick.

First of all, in the photo, it looks like they were potentially writing something together since there’s a giant notepad on the table. They seem to be pretty good friends in real life, so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think they’re working on a song.

But, Kip also shared a different post on Instagram last month saying that they were trying to figure out how to tour together:


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Though, seeing as Kip already has his fall “How High” tour kicking off in a couple months and Ashley is already on the road for her own “This Town Talks” tour, it’s unlikely that if they do tour together, it’ll be taking place this year.

But hey, maybe they’re cookin’ something up for next year. I wouldn’t be mad about it. Without question, they’d absolutely bring the house down every single night.

And, my last thought it that Ashley is somehow involved in what is Kip’s new record that’s (hopefully) dropping this year. Or, maybe she has something of her own coming up we don’t know anything about yet.

Either way, in the caption Kip says we’re getting close. And if just the sheer thought of that doesn’t get you all sorts of excited, I don’t know what will. In my opinion, they’re two of the best and most underrated artists in the business right now.

Knowing the creativity of those two and how they like to push the boundaries, it’s likely something even bigger and better than anything I could’ve thought of.

Regardless of what’s coming… I need more of THIS in my life:

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