Kip Moore Debuts “Good Life,” The Rockin’ Lead Single From His Upcoming Album

Kip Moore is BACK with new music.

He’s been hinting at new music for a little while now, even asking fans which underground songs they want recorded for what potentially seems like a new album. So at first glance, it seemed like this could be the first step in the roll out of new material.

And it is.

Titled “Good Life,” it’s a feel-good, rocking tribute to living well and enjoying every minute you can. It’s also the lead single from Moore’s upcoming studio album, his first working with Eric Church producer Jay Joyce.

“I haven’t been this fired up about new music in a good while. I’m always trying to push myself out of any comfort zones that I may have settled into during the previous project, and I think working with Jay definitely helped me with that.

I wrote this song and many more while surfing this past winter and I can’t wait for the fans to hear what’s coming.”

Written by Moore with Dan Couch and Jay Joyce, it sounds a lot like the usual country and heartland rock mix we’re used to hearing from him… maybe just a tad but funkier. It has a very Lynyrd Skynyrd-eqsue sound to it, and he definitely leads into his southern rock side which I love.

This song seems to me like it would fit right in on his sophomore album, Wild Ones, and I’m not complaining one bit.

No word on when the new album will be released yet, but if we know anything about Kip Moore, we know he’s always got something good up his sleeve.

Go turn it up and have yourself a weekend:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock