Kip Moore Hints At Potential Tour With Ashley McBryde

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Will we be getting a Kip Moore and Ashley McBryde tour in 2022?

If it’s up to Kip, it seems like that’s a big possibility. And I’m BEGGING them to finally make it happen.

They’ve teased the idea of doing a tour together before, but nothing has ever come to fruition. While it’s pretty much impossible to think it could happen this year, seeing as they both have tours of their own coming this fall, maybe we’ll finally get what we’ve all been waiting for next year.

They’re two of the most genuine, authentic, and completely underrated artists in country music right now, and the two of them joining forces for a whole run of shows in an official capacity would a dream.

The idea came about again when Kip posted a precious photo of them on a tour bus in Alaska over the weekend, where they both performed at a show in Anchorage, stating that they’re already trying to figure something out in terms of a tour:

“Good times with this gem. We’re tryin to figure out how to do a tour together.”

I would not be surprised to see this happen one bit at some point in the near-ish future, and let’s be honest… they’d sell out every single night.

Can you imagine shows night after night with them teaming up for duets like this?

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