Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler On Yellowstone, Was Originally Supposed To Play One Of The Dutton Boys

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Cole Hauser, AKA Rip Wheeler, recently made an appearance on The Ryen Russillo podcast.

The Yellowstone star sat down for a while to discuss everything from the show, to the NBA, and even college football rankings.

However, the most intriguing part of the podcast was what he had to say about Yellowstone.

He went in-depth behind how he landed himself a spot on the show and how Rip wasn’t even the original target:

“John Linson, who’s the co-creator of the show is one of my dear friends. He came to me and said ‘You know there’s this new show with Kevin Costner, and take a look at it and see what you think. I think you’d be great in this,’ and he didn’t say any role or anything.

So I looked at the script and I think initially, my team wanted me to position myself to play one of the sons, and I just didn’t see it at all. I didn’t think there was a role that was right for me when it came to Jamey or Lee, or Casey.”

So the one that jumped off the page to me was Rip. They were like ‘What’re you doing, that’s two scenes and a pilot.’ I said ‘No, this character’s gonna have something really good, I can just feel it.’

I know Taylor loves the real cowboy way, and I know he believes those guys should be talked about, and the chemistry with Kelly and I from the very first episode was there, and he saw that.”

Could you imagine the show without Hauser playing Rip? I can’t, I can’t think that way…

He also described working with Taylor Sheridan:

“He and I have become really close friends, ya know he’s a really intense guy, he’s very focused, he’s not unlike me. I think we kinda compliment each other because we both give a shit.

You know we both care greatly about what we put out into the market place, but also to make sure we’re portraying, especially my character, you know as realistic as possible.

He’s one of those guys who works his ass off ’til it’s over, and when it’s over he likes to have a nice drink and enjoy himself.”

So now, there’s only one question remaining… is it time for Season 4 yet?

Paramount Network also recently released the official Season 4 teaser titled:

“Revenge will be worth the wait.”

Buckle up.

Also, be sure to check out our Yellowstone The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, all the way through Season 3.


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